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Cocaso In The Sand
Cocaso Logo 2021-01.png

A family journey of inspiration, design, teamwork, transformation and a legacy for generations to come.

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While New England natives Jeff and Jennifer Parent live in Houston, Texas, and Connor, Caroline and Sophie are leaving the nest for far-flung pursuits, Biddeford Pool and now Cocaso will always be home.


Jeff’s father Neil Parent, aka “Bumpah,” was an architectural engineer extraordinaire who built homes throughout Maine, designed residential and commercial projects on Cape Cod and Nantucket, Massachusetts, and introduced the family to Biddeford Pool. 


Well-known for his jolly “Santa'' demeanor and his signature Nantucket Red attire, Neil created the name Cocaso and developed the initial vision for this transformation. His style and spirit continue to inspire the journey.



The vision for Cocaso integrates traditional New England lines with a contemporary layout; it combines a Maine aesthetic with a California beach vibe; granite and wood design elements evocative of the Maine coast merge with clean, modern, urban details; traditional colors are punctuated by pops of bright, fun hues.



The moniker Cocaso combines the first three letters of each of Jeff and Jennifer's children's first names: Connor, Caroline, and Sophie. The word is reminiscent of Native American-named Maine places, traditionally named cottages in Maine, and Casco Bay.


Interchangeable brand colors reflect the Cocaso vision: time honored blues reminiscent of classic blueprints; ocean water and sky offset by playful marlin cobalt and surfboard teal; orange and reds inspired by Neil's logo and his signature Nantucket red clothing; Jeff’s favorite beachy orange; greys that evoke the rocky Maine coast as well as modern steel design elements.


The stamped logo is an abstract sketched stamp style with both movement symbolizing ocean water and inertia reflecting a strong architectural presence. Each Cocaso letter is represented within a yin/yang curvature while the ‘A’ also illustrates a home's roofline and an architectural compass. All elements live within the circle of family.


The logo font is a contemporary spin on Neil’s traditional architectural hand lettering. The break in the second “O” creates a hint of the word “Casco,” the name of the Maine bay prominent in family history.

Cocaso Logo 2021-01.png


The Parents have assembled an experienced and cohesive team of designers, architects, builders, and media to bring to life and document the Cocaso vision.

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